Learn to Love the Sales Funnel Process

“Sales Funnel” is a term used to refer to the process of taking a prospective customer and guiding them towards making a sale. Learn to build a relationship and then guide your prospect to a solution to their problem.

Most Struggling online marketers fail to realize the importance of setting up a profitable sales funnel properly. Today’s savvy internet prospects force entrepreneurs to either adapt or perish.

The major source of money being generated on the internet is being made on the back end of the how much clickfunnels cost sales funnel process. But fail to set up the sales funnel on the front end and your back end sales will suffer.

A few tips on setting up your sales funnel properly:
* Start to build a list “very important”, use your blog or lead capture page to capture your prospects email information. Most auto responders have a HTML form code you can simply copy and paste into your Blog, Squidoo lens or lead capture page. If your company does not offer one, stop all marketing efforts and go get one set up.

* Once the prospect has opted in, offer small priced products that provide a solution to their problem. You need to understand their problem, and your product or service must be able to provide a solution. This small profit margin can help fund your advertising budget and build creditability with your prospect.

* The next step in the sales funnel is building rapport and establishing a good relationship by providing free and good content. I.E., articles that helps them with other problems, free E-books, a video or links to other articles that are beneficial to them.

Once the relationship has been established in the sales funnel process, they will now trust your opinion; at this stage you can now offer your back end high profit product or service. This is where your big profits will come into play. It is much easier to offer your top tier product or service and the end of the sales funnel, and your close ratio will be higher.

Let’s sum this up; just as a typical funnel looks, feed it with lots of prospects. Offer small priced products at first build rapport with free good content then offer your top tier product or service on the back end of the sales funnel.

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