Hupu News on October 10 "The goal of the Shanxi men's basketball team in the new season is to enter the playoffs and achieve better results." At the expedition ceremony of the Shanxi men's basketball team held on the 10th, the chairman of Huajian Sports Holding Group Co., Ltd. Zhao Xiaochun said.


This summer, the Shanxi men's basketball team was placed under the Huajian Sports Holding Group. Under the leadership of the new team, the Shanxi team was in the offseason and hired Ding Wei as head coach, picked up rookie Zhang Ning in the draft, and signed Liu Guancen, Zhai Yi, Wu Ke, and Zhou Zhandong as four local free agents. Two foreign aids, Franklin and Moreland, completed the contract extension. It is reported that Franklin entered the country on October 9 and is undergoing centralized isolation. After the isolation is lifted, he can join the team.


At the expedition ceremony, rookie Zhang Ning made his debut. He said: "I'm still a rookie. In the new season, I will first start with defense and rebounding and contribute to the team." Speaking of the expectations of the team and the fans, Zhang Ning said, "I like pressure. This will make me grow faster."

在考察仪式上,菜鸟张宁(Bing Ning)首次亮相。他说:“我仍然是新秀。在新赛季,我将首先从防守和篮板入手,为球队做出贡献。”在谈到车队和球迷的期望时,张宁说:“我喜欢压力。这将使我成长更快。”

"During this time, the team has been actively preparing for the new season. The players have overcome the impact of the epidemic, and ensured high-efficiency and high-intensity training every day. The running-in between the new and the old players is also gradually becoming a tacit understanding." Wei said that in the new season he will boldly use young players, give full play to the team’s offensive core Franklin and the young players’ hard-working and fast characteristics. The offensive end will reduce positional warfare, strengthen the conversion rate of offense, and focus on fast breaks. Shanxi Men's Basketball has its own style and characteristics.


The Shanxi men's basketball team was coached by Wang Fei last season. The team scored 24 wins and 22 losses in the regular season, ranking 11th in the standings, and was eliminated by the Zhejiang team in the first round of the playoffs.


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