lol比赛投注网站|湖人球迷街头庆祝 一男子大喊"去他X的科比"遭围殴

Netease Sports reported on October 16:


A few days have passed since the championship, but the news of the celebration continues to be reported by the media. It is reported that a fan made trouble during the championship celebration and insulted the late Lakers star.


At the beginning of this year, Kobe was killed in an air crash, which shocked and sorrowed countless fans. Many NBA players were also regretful, especially the Lakers. The Lakers have always been inspired by Kobe and finally succeeded in winning the Finals. In many people's eyes, this is also dedicated to Kobe. Therefore, in many related celebrations, there will be content about Kobe.


However, what makes people speechless is that a Lakers fan cursed Kobe at a scene celebrating the championship, which caused public outrage.


According to information released by the Lakers-related media Lakeshow, a man wearing a black T-shirt and shorts made trouble in the middle of the championship celebration and said "Go to Kobe X!" As you can imagine, the surrounding Lakers fans were all involved. Going up and beating him violently, one of them even picked up a small car and smashed him at him, looking very angry.


In this regard, the media also lamented: "Never be disrespectful to the greatest player in the history of Los Angeles in Los Angeles, unless you want your ass to bloom!"


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