Due to the spread of the epidemic, Dortmund's second battle with Paris was conducted in an empty field, but the plot was not compressed. Paris, who lost in the first leg, fought a beautiful turnaround at home and advanced to the quarterfinals of the Champions League for the first time in four years.


The Ligue 1 leaders have a desire to vent their emotions. The 3,000 diehard Paris loyalists gathered outside the Parc des Princes burned fireworks to celebrate the victory. Neymar cried with joy after the game. The scene of him embracing Mbappe, who was acting as a cheerleader on the sidelines, was frozen. close up.

Ligue 1领导人渴望发泄自己的情绪。 3,000名顽固的巴黎忠实拥护者聚集在王子公园(Parc des Princes)外面,用烟火燃烧以庆祝胜利。赛后内马尔高兴地哭了。他拥抱Mbappe的场面被冻结,后者在场边担任啦啦队长。特写。

In addition to the themes of "Paris breaks fate" and "Neymar's self-salvation" in the headlines after the game, the Paris crowd mocking Dortmund's new star Harland is also a hot event.


The creator of the topic is Neymar, who is used to "getting into trouble". After breaking the deadlock, he imitated Harland's signature celebration of meditation. This is in line with Neymar's "tooth for tooth" court personality. Paris was defeated by a score in the first round. At the feet of the second-time Norwegian genius, Neymar, who scored 1 goal, became the background board.


After the loss, Paris could not be in the mood to talk about Neymar's valuable away goal. On the contrary, Paris fans criticized his negative attitude. The Brazilian lost the ball 31 times. Sky Sports commentator Harman said sharply: "Neymar's performance reminded me of the idea of ​​refusing to work", and believed that the Brazilian's goal was completely tainted by Mbappé.


Returning to the home court without spectators, and with the absence of Mbappe, Neymar's perfect performance overwhelmed the pre-match predictions about "Paris is more ill and auspicious", and also made a strong response to the "absent-minded" evaluation. From this perspective, he is redeemed and should enjoy the power to release pressure after scoring. It is unexpected to imitate Harland's celebration, but it also confirms Neymar's natural desire to perform.


Judging by Neymar's character, the 19-year-old Harland is normal, but he is also competing with himself. The farce between him and Paris disturbed him all summer. Although he was the savior in the league after the relationship eased, he wanted to conquer the Champions League. Neymar once said: "Paris has the strength to win the Champions League." Last year, he witnessed the magical reversal of Manchester United in the stands and stimulated him. The future of Paris is uncertain, but Neymar graciously walked out of the hostility. The gift he gave back to Paris is the top 8 seat in the Champions League.


The camera also found that his gestures when meditating were slightly different from those of Harland, showing an "OK" shape. Of course, this was also based on Neymar's mental guess that he participated in 3 goals in two rounds.

相机还发现,他在冥想时的lol比赛投注网站手势与Harland的手势略有不同,显示出“ OK”的形状。当然,这也是基于内马尔的心理猜测,即他在两轮比赛中参加了3个进球。

Neymar's imitation of Haaland's celebration was sudden, and perhaps the fans retained the point of unintentional injury, but after the game, the Paris team sat in the penalty area and imitated Haaland's celebration with a second injury. Paris was closed in the first round, but Haaland is a new generation after all, in line with the fan’s star-making appetite, and is easy to be sought after and protected. He once admired him as the famous “beast” Lineker said for this: “Paris players’ The practice is very poor, Harland is just a 19-year-old child."

内马尔对哈兰的庆祝活动的模仿是突然的,也许球迷们保留了意外受伤的要点,但是比赛结束后,巴黎队坐在禁区,第二次模仿哈兰的庆祝活动。巴黎在第一轮比赛中被关闭,但是哈兰德毕竟是新一代,与球迷的造星欲望相一致,并且很容易受到追捧和保护。他曾经以著名的“野兽” Lineker对此表示钦佩:“巴黎球员的练习非常糟糕,Harland只是一个19岁的孩子。”

The Paris of Family Mobilization did not converge, and moved to replicate it in the locker room. Apparently, the Paris players were upset about Harland’s provocative remarks of "Paris, my city, not yours" before the game, but someone confirmed that this was from Snapchat. The "work" of the platform did not come from Harland. British journalist Greg Johnson pointed out: Harland's picture is available, but the line of accompanying text is PS, and Harland himself does not have a Snapchat account.

《家庭动员巴黎》没有收敛,而是搬到更衣室复制。显然,巴黎球员在赛前对哈兰(Harland)的挑衅性言论“巴黎,我的城市,而不是您的城市”感到不安,但有人证实这是来自Snapchat。该平台的“工作”并非来自Harland。英国记者格雷格·约翰逊(Greg Johnson)指出:Harland的图片可用,但附带的文字是PS,Harland本人没有Snapchat帐户。

Harland was accidentally injured? Paris doesn't think so. The warm-up poster announced by Dortmund’s official INS before the game was creative to quote Harland’s iconic meditation celebration as the main scene, and the background scene was the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris. The background scene renders the theme, highlights the main scene, and shows the momentum of Dortmund's dominance. Perhaps this is the fuse of Paris's attack.


The Paris "three-shot" counterattack is cruel and easy to defeat, but winning or losing is an unwritten rule in the competitive world. It does not really consider the causes of contradictions and the ultimate way to achieve results. The most famous example It was Maradona's handball in the 1986 World Cup, which was draped as the "Hand of God". Paris imitating the celebration of post-00s does not seem to be in line with the "elders" cultivation, but Paris won. They have the emotions and ways to control happiness. It is just that compared to the past singing and dancing carnival, this time is a bit ingenious, but Having said that, the alternative is not necessarily out of the ordinary.

巴黎的“三击”反击是残酷的,容易被打败,但在竞争激烈的世界中,输赢是不成文的规定。它并没有真正考虑矛盾的根源和取得结果的最终途径。最著名的例子是马拉多纳在1986年世界杯上的手球,被誉为“上帝之手”。模仿“ 00后”庆祝活动的巴黎似乎与“长辈”的修养不符,但巴黎获胜。他们有控制幸福的情绪和方式。只是,与过去的歌舞狂欢节相比,这次的确有点巧妙,但是,话虽如此,替代方案并不一定非同寻常。

With the shadow of the gold master's father and the help of top stars, Paris has always been thinking about the Champions League, trying to build the prestige of the rich and wiping away the impression that the fans are inadequate. At least the 2016-17 UEFA Champions League 1/8 finals in the first leg of Paris 4 goals to slaughter Barcelona, ​​at least the 2018-19 season Paris took all three points at Old Trafford.


Sadly, Paris, which used all its luck in the two second battles, has also become a foil for the "Nou Camp Miracle" and the "Red Devil Spirit", and the "4" and "2" of Rabiot and Kurzawa The gesture of celebration and Di Maria's pretending to drink have become the object of ridicule. Reminiscent of the meditation celebration in Paris this time, perhaps this is the alternative culture of Paris. The difference is that this time the person who loses first becomes Paris.

可悲的是,在第二场战斗中全力以赴的巴黎也成为了“ Nou Camp Miracle”和“ Red Devil Spirit”以及Rabiot和Kurzawa的“ 4”和“ 2”的陪衬。庆祝活动和Di Maria假装喝酒已成为嘲笑的对象。让人想起这次在巴黎举行的冥想庆典,也许这是巴黎的另一种文化。所不同的是,这次第一次失败的人成为巴黎。

In addition, the slogan "Mbappé>Haaland" was displayed in the empty stands before the game. This is also a form of confrontation in football. Paris, who has broken away from fate, has to exchange jerseys with Dortmund players and hug the players. The inertial thinking of neutral fans? In the French Cup last year, the Strasbourg player Anthony Gonçalves fouled Neymar three times in a row. For the last time, he directly and rudely knocked the Brazilian down. After the match, the French underplayed: "We are not here to play, he When you come, you can’t cry.” This sentence is synchronized with the Paris mocking Harland incident. Does it restore some image points for Paris?

此外,比赛前的空架子上还显示了“Mbappé> Haaland”的口号。这也是足球对抗的一种形式。摆脱命运的巴黎lol投注网站不得不与多特蒙德球员交换球衣并拥抱球员。中立风扇的惯性思维?在去年的法国杯中,史特拉斯堡球员安东尼·贡萨尔维斯(AnthonyGonçalves)连续三次对内马尔犯规。上一次,他直接无礼地将巴西人击倒。比赛结束后,法国人低调播放:“我们不在这里,他,当你来时,你不能哭。”这句话与巴黎嘲笑的哈兰德事件相吻合,是否为巴黎恢复了某些形象?

Prejudice is a mountain in people's hearts that cannot be moved. Paris is not being seen because of the "nouveau riche" feature, nor is it a day or two. Some fans have used the topic to play, and Paris has also been labeled as a "little man". It is hoped that Paris will stumble one after another. Paris is a team accustomed to the "World News". In addition to being educated by Barcelona and Manchester United, in the case of a 3-0 lead in the Champions League in 2001, it was overturned by Deportivo. In other words, it won the current Paris from Dort took the opportunity.


Cavani chose to exercise restraint during the Paris mass carnival. The Uruguayan first persuaded Neymar in his ears, and then refused to take a group photo in a meditative manner. While respecting his opponent, he also won praise from public opinion. Cavani’s behavior is indeed positive, but although this kind of compassionate gentleness is worthy of praise, it is not the standard of thinking in the competitive world.


If Neymar obeyed the warning, he would not be called Neymar, and if Mbappe had listened, he would not be called a "young man." Victors are easily incited by speech and emotions. What's more, "ego" itself is a blind spot of human nature, and Paris player Kulzava "shows up."


As mentioned above, after the first leg of the 2017 Champions League 1/8 finals, he and Rabiot uploaded the gesture of celebration to the social platform. After Barcelona's 6-1 comeback, Neymar, who played for Barcelona, ​​reciprocated Ku Erzava "4+2=6" and 5 emoticons.

如上所述,在2017年冠军联赛1/8决赛的第一站之后,他和拉比奥特将庆祝的姿态上传到了社交平台。在巴塞罗那以6-1复出后,为巴塞罗那效力的内马尔将库尔扎瓦(Ku Erzava)换成“ 4 + 2 = 6”和5个表情符号。

As early as 2014, Kurzava had the experience of being "faced". In the second round of the U21 European Youth Championship play-off, he scored in the 87th minute to tie the score to 3-3. This way, France will take advantage of away goals to eliminate Sweden. He thought that he was sure of the victory and ran to the Swedish teenager Guedetti. Made a "byebye" gesture. One minute later, the Swedes scored and they sent off France with Kurzawa's action.


In addition to drama, Ferguson once said: "The greatest achievement in my life is to kick Liverpool off the throne", which also reflects the hatred and opposition of football itself. This game Emre Can's red card after tipping Neymar is an example. (Digression: If Neymar and Emre Can exchange identities, it is estimated that Neymar will drown in his saliva)

除了戏剧,弗格森曾经说过:“我一生中最大的成就就是把利物浦推上了王位”,这也反映了足球本身的仇恨和反对。内马尔(Neymar)小费后,此游戏Emre Can的红牌就是一个例子。 (离题:如果内马尔和埃姆雷可以交换身份,估计内马尔会淹死在唾液中)

Paris defender Correll said: "The fight back is part of football. You can discuss whether this behavior is debatable, but I think it is ok. There should be some emotions that don’t need to be hidden." Of course, as Schalke 04’s The veteran, his accompanying "Ruhr Derby" emotion is easier to understand.


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