Every week, the Chinese player Wu Lei of the Royal Espanyol Football Club will use "Wu Lei Weekly" to share his little stories about studying abroad. We follow Wu Lei's footsteps and learn about him bit by bit in the Spanish.

每周,西班牙皇家足球俱乐部的中国球员吴磊(Wu Lei)都lol投注网站会使用“吴磊周刊”(Wu Lei Weekly)来分享他关于出国留学的小故事。我们跟随吴磊的脚步,用西班牙语一点一点地了解他。

Before the game this week, the coach communicated a lot with us. Frankly speaking, although the coach has been repeatedly emphasizing, and we also have a certain understanding and preparation in our hearts, we all know that West Second Division is not so easy. But after the game started, I really realized the weight of the coach's words.


Mallorca was the team that was relegated with us last season. It is also an opponent that the coach has brought to know very well before. Before preparing for this game, the coach emphasized that you must not be disturbed by the first victory. The second division is very simple, Mallorca will be a tough game. The actual game process also proved this point. All the problems the coach said were directly reflected in the field performance and the final score.


To be honest, in terms of overall strength, we are absolutely dominant in West Second Division. At this time, the whole team is required to have a good attitude. The West Division B teams are harder and more direct, especially when each team meets us, they will have a stronger desire to play and want to prove themselves by defeating us. So in the game, our pressure is even greater. Our opponents will use a variety of tactics or strategies to suppress, disrupt our game rhythm, let us follow their rhythm. In this situation, a stable mentality is particularly important.


The long league has just begun, and there are still 40 games. In fact, even if the team that has just been promoted from West Division B this year, it is not a rare thing in my opinion that the top six will enter the play-off area. League B is so cruel, it is not so easy for every team to win! Next, we must not make the mistakes of last season. We must trust ourselves 100%. So far, our defense is fairly solid. As long as we don't lose the ball and add a little patience, we will definitely have a chance to score.


For our team, as long as we can steadily score the first goal, the next two goals and three goals will be much easier. Conversely, if you want to eat your opponent in one go every time, you will have a burden. If the situation cannot be opened, you will become more and more anxious, and eventually your mentality will get worse and worse. So I think this game is also a very good reminder, don't rush to win in order to help us walk more steadily.


This is West Division II. I believe that with the increase in away games, my understanding will be different.


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