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The new season is about to begin. After the Liaoning Bengang men's basketball team successfully arrived in Zhuji, it seemed that the fans immediately felt the atmosphere of the hot match.




At about 8:40 a.m. yesterday morning, Liaolan and his party arrived at Shenyang Taoxian Airport in a bus, and even the car had not stopped. The fans on the scene had already begun to make a huge noise-"One, two, three, four, I Love the Liao basket!"


Amid the loud slogans of the fans, the Liaolan generals got off the car one by one, packed their luggage and entered the airport to prepare for boarding. Although they have already seen the enthusiasm and perseverance of their own fans, the players will inevitably be touched by the warm atmosphere again. Even during the limited time for check-in, they will try their best to satisfy the fans' wishes for signing and taking photos.


In particular, Guo Ailun, who is extremely popular, not only kept signing signatures all the way, but also did not forget to interact with the fans until he entered the security check channel. He used his mobile phone to record outside the isolation line to see him off and kept shouting "Come on" The fans finally waved goodbye to the fans and walked into the security channel. This kind of heart-warming behavior also makes fans feel particularly satisfied.


The Liao basketball team's lineup in the division includes the main players in the team such as Guo Ailun, Zhao Jiwei, and Liu Zhixuan last season, as well as Liu Yanyu, Wang Huadong, and Yan Shouqi, who have experienced the league last season. Of course, the most concerned is the rookie Zhang Zhenlin, who just joined the lineup this year, and the center Zhu Rongzhen, who was loaned from Shandong. Only the captain, Han Dejun, did not start with the team due to personal affairs. He will go to the competition area and join the team later.


Head coach Yang Ming set off with all the members of the coaching staff he reorganized. It is especially worth mentioning that the 80-year-old Jiang Xingquan also set off as the team’s consultant, which means that he will appear again On the front line of the CBA League, and experience the intensive schedule of the tournament system with the young players. Therefore, the guidance of Jiang Xingquan also received blessings from many fans at the airport.


When the Liao basketball team officially arrived in the competition area yesterday afternoon, after the team settled down, it was even entering the final sprint stage of preparing for the new season. And their schedule for the first stage of the regular season of the new season was also announced at the same time. The Liaoning Basketball Team will play a total of 12 games in a period of 26 days.


According to the first stage schedule announced by the CBA League, the opening game of the new season will start on October 17th, but the Liaoning basketball team's first game of the new season will be relatively postponed a bit, and they will not welcome their first opponent until the 19th. In the ensuing time, the Liao basketball team maintained the rhythm of one game for two to three days, and never encountered the "back-to-back" schedule of last season's rematch.


Judging from the opponents the Liao basketball team encountered in the first stage, it can be said that it is still very interesting. First of all, in the first game of the season, their opponent is the Tianjin team, which is the main local youth army. This is a good opportunity for the Liao basketball team to find the state of the game. In the next second game, you will meet the Shandong team, which is also a traditional strong team. This season, the Liao basketball team and the Shandong team have exchanged players with each other. This is also the exchange of players between Gao Shiyan, Guo Xu and Zhu Rongzhen. After the first match, the fans are bound to pay special attention.


In the following schedule, the Liaoning Basketball Team will also encounter teams such as Beijing Control, Jiangsu, Tongxi and Qingdao, as well as their opponents Xinjiang team in the semi-finals of last season. However, in comparison, the most anticipated by fans is probably the game against Guangzhou on the night of November 9th, because that will be the first time that the former Liao basketball coach Guo Shiqiang has gone south to Guangzhou and encountered the Liao basketball team in the league as an opponent. It was also the first battle between Yang Ming and his teacher.


The Liaoning basketball team set off early and rushed to the competition zone when it was more than a week before the first match of the new season. In fact, they also have their own arrangements and considerations. This is mainly because starting from tomorrow, the Liaoning Basketball Team will take the lead in ushering in two CBA preseason games, and let the players find their status before officially entering the new season.


According to the schedule announced by the league, the Liaoning Basketball Team will play the first preseason game with the Zhejiang team on the evening of November 13. This opponent can be said to be full of gold. In the playoffs last season, the Liao basketball team and the Zhejiang team had jointly dedicated a classic battle, especially the contest between the two guards is even more impressive. Now after just two months, the Zhejiang team has basically maintained the lineup framework of last season, and the Liao basketball team can just use this opponent to test the effect of adjusting the lineup.


In addition, on the evening of November 15th, the Liaoning Basketball Team will also play the second preseason game with the Shanxi team. This opponent also experienced the feeling of a "hard fight" in the final stage of the regular season last season. However, after a coaching change and certain personnel adjustments during the offseason, the Shanxi team has also undergone certain changes. Both sides can just use the preseason to run the team and find problems.


These two preseason games are undoubtedly very good training opportunities for the Liao basketball team. They make up for their regret that they did not have any actual warm-ups during the offseason. It is convenient for further testing the training results of the players and the coaching staff Before the arrival of the new season, more intuitively "give the pulse" to the team.


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