Tiger Punch, September 24, Lakers guard Alex Caruso and Danny Green both gave interviews about their physical condition after training today.

9月24日,猛虎队(Tiger Punch),湖人队后卫亚历克斯卡鲁索(Alex Caruso)和丹尼格林(Danny Green)在接受今天的lol投注网站训练后都接受了关于他们身体状况的采访。

Regarding the soreness of his left wrist, Caruso said that he did not know when he was injured, and he currently feels more stiffness than soreness, and is expected to play tomorrow.


Caruso said: "We have a whole day to recover and rest. I should be fine. I think this is just one of the situations when you get a serious injury, such as hitting your knee or falling to the ground. I was earlier this season. I have experienced such a situation at a time, and there will be pain for a while, but you have to work hard to overcome it."


Green said he was not worried about the injury to his left ring finger that was included in the injury report. "The finger injury is minor. It's not serious. I don't know what someone told you, but it's a small matter. I will be fine. I will continue to play. I still have nine fingers, so I will be fine. ." Green said.

格林说,他并不担心受伤报告中包括的左手无名指受伤。 “手指受伤是轻微的。这并不严重。我不知道有人告诉你什么,但这是小问题。我会没事的。我会继续比赛。我仍然有九根手指,所以我会没事的。 。”格林说。

At present, the Lakers officially listed Caruso and Green as a high probability of playing tomorrow.


The Lakers will face the Nuggets in G4 in the Western Conference finals at 9:00 tomorrow. The Lakers are currently leading the game with a total score of 2-1.


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