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   The Spaniard is in good shape in the Second Division, but Wu Lei's performance has worried the fans.


   After failing to score a goal in many games, Wu Lei also said that he was plagued by injuries recently, and only playing half of the game was an agreement with the coaching staff.



   As usual, Wednesday night Beijing time was when Wu Lei updated his weekly diary of studying abroad. Last weekend’s league match against Alconco, although the Spaniard won 1-0 and won three consecutive victories, the team also climbed to the top of the league table, but Wu Lei was replaced after the first half. , This also makes fans very worried about his state.

像往常一样,北京时间星期三晚上是吴蕾更新他的每周留学日记的时候。上周末对阵阿尔孔科的联赛,尽管西班牙人以1-0赢得了连续三场胜利,但球队也攀升到了联赛榜首,但吴磊在上半场之后被替换。 ,这也使歌迷非常担心他的状态。



   Attentive fans also discovered that Wu Lei was not seen in the official Spaniard training photos on Wednesday. Wu Lei revealed in the weekly diary that he discussed with the team doctor and coach after the game, and they recommended that he undergo recovery treatment as soon as possible.

殷勤的粉丝还发现,周三西班牙人的官方训练照片中没有看到Wu Lei。吴磊在每周日记中透露,赛后他与队医和教练进行了讨论,他们建议他尽快接受康复lol投注网站治疗。



Wu Lei was very happy with the results of 4 wins and 1 tie in the first five games of the league. "After a few games, the momentum of the team and the results of the game are very ideal. Although teammates have left, the new partners have integrated and adapted. It also brings new vitality to the team."

吴磊lol投注网站对联赛前五场比赛4胜1平的成绩感到非常满意。 “经过几场比赛,团队的动力和比赛结果非常理想。尽管队友已经离开,但新的合作伙伴已经整合并适应了。这也为团队带来了新的活力。”

   "Of course this is just the beginning. This week, there will be two consecutive weekly double matches. This is a test for everyone. It will be very beneficial to be able to pass.


Wu Lei also talked about the famous dog "Man United" who had just passed away from Genbao base. "Director Xu went to Chongming to set up the base and his goal was to build China's Manchester United. In order to always remind himself of this original intention, this one who was just taken to the base The puppy was called Manchester United."

吴磊还谈到了刚从根宝基地去世的著名犬“曼联”。 “徐导演去崇明建立基地,他的目标是建立中国的曼联。为了时刻提醒自己这个初衷,这位刚被带到基地的小狗叫曼联。”


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