"He is amazing. I will always remember how I felt when he came to the club for the first time and became my coach. It was between the international game days and we knew that Pochettino had left the team. I was Very sad, because everyone has a good relationship with him.


"Then Mourinho, one of the most successful coaches in the football world, came to the team. It was amazing. The first time I met him, I couldn't believe it because I watched him win when I was a kid. Many trophies, now I work with him.

“然后穆里尼奥是足球界最成功的教练之一,来到了这支球队。这真是太神奇了。我第一次见到他时,我简直不敢相信,因为我小时候看着他获胜。 ,现在我和他一起工作。

"Now we have been working together for a year and it has been great. Last season was very difficult because of a lot of injuries, but we started this season very well. I want to keep that feeling and succeed with him."


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