Original title: Tennis star Wieland: Nadal’s French Open has sent a special signal to the outside world


After Nadal won the 13th French Open championship, tennis star Wieland praised Nadal's wonderful performance at the French Open this year in an interview with the French "Team" reporter. He believes that Nadal has performed perfectly in all technical aspects. , And demonstrated super adaptability.

在纳达尔赢得第13届法国公开赛冠军之后,网球明星维兰德在接受法国“ Team”记者采访时赞扬了纳达尔今年在法国公开赛中的出色表现。他认为纳达尔在所有技术方面均表现出色。 ,并表现出超强的适应性。

As we all know, the time and temperature of the French Open this year, stadium roof and lighting, stadium soil and ball use are very different from the past. Nadal’s many small habits seem to indicate that he is very sensitive to changes in the environment. Many people believe that there are many unknown variables in Nadal’s ability to win this year.


However, looking back on Nadal's way to win the French Open this year, there is no change in the whole process-the Spanish king won the championship with a brilliant record without losing a set. Nadal was only challenged in the quarter-finals against Italian teenager Cinna. He played a tie-break and won 7-4. In the finals, it was thought that Nadal would encounter a close match. It is expected that the clay king only allowed Djokovic to take 7 games, and the first set was an egg-delivery victory.




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