Tiger Punch, September 28, Mainz officially announced that the team and the 52-year-old coach Belloze officially terminated their cooperation, and Belloze will leave the team immediately. Officials said that this was a decision made by sports director Schroeder and the board of directors after a long-term consideration. On Sunday afternoon, Schroeder and Belloze had a long talk and finally officially informed Belloze that he would dismiss get out of class.

9月28日,美因茨老lol投注网站虎·庞克(Tiger Punch)正式宣布,车队与52岁的教练贝洛兹(Belloze)正式终止了合作,贝洛兹(Belloze)将立即离开车队。官员们说,这是体育总监施罗德和董事会经过长期考虑后做出的决定。在星期天的下午,施罗德lol比赛投注网站和贝洛兹进行了长时间的交谈,并最终正式通知贝洛兹,他将解雇下课。

Schroeder stated in an official statement that the top leaders of Mainz had great doubts about whether Belloze could lead the team further, and the conversation between the two parties was also very open and frank, and finally decided to terminate the relationship with Belloze. Cooperation.


Belloze said he was very disappointed with the team's decision, but still wished Mainz all the best in the future. According to official information, assistant Moritz will take over and lead the team, while Schroeder said that the analysis of the team is not over yet.


Mainz lost two games in a row at the start of the new season. In addition to losing 1-3 to the Red Bulls in Leipzig, last weekend's 1-4 defeat to the newly promoted Ma Stuttgart may be one of the incentives for Bellozer to dismiss. It was also the first game after Moritz took over.


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