Lautaro’s agent emphasized in an interview that the Argentine star’s contract with Inter Milan will expire in two years, but he also bluntly said that any situation may arise in the future, and that he will be able to compete in the Argentine national team. Messi's partner also made Lautaro excited.


"There are many rumors, Lautaro is also a player that everyone likes, but there is nothing special about it," said the player's agent Beto Jacques.


"His contract with Inter Milan will expire in two years. We haven't talked about the renewal issue with Inter Milan. Lautaro has shown a very high level at the moment, and his performance last season is also very good, so It is normal for him to attract the attention of other big clubs in Europe."


"Lautaro is currently in a great club, but good players always attract the interest of big clubs, so any situation may arise in the future."


"In the Argentine national team, Lautaro can partner with the best players in the world. He is excited to play with Messi, which is also a dream for him."


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