Tiger Fighting, October 5th There is only one day left before the 2020 summer transfer window, and Barcelona need to complete two transactions on the last day: Depay + Eric Garcia. And if they want to leverage the two to join, Barcelona need to guarantee the sale of Dembele and Todibo.

Tiger Fighting,10月5日,2020年夏季转会窗口只剩一天,巴塞罗那需要在最后一天完成两笔交易:Depay + Eric Garcia。如果他们想利用两者的结合,巴塞罗那需要保证出售Dembele和Todibo。

According to Alfredo Martinez, a senior Barcelona and team reporter of Radio Zero:

巴塞罗那高级电台兼《零电台》团队记者阿尔弗雷多·马丁内斯(Alfredo Martinez)表示:

"The director of Lyon Juninho confirmed today that Depay and Barcelona have reached an agreement, and it is indeed possible to complete the transaction on the last day. The transfer fee is 25 million + floating. However, Barcelona needs to fix Dembele, who is willing to leave the team, but Barcelona is only willing to sell, not rent. If this problem is not solved, Barcelona's overall salary level will be problematic."

“里昂·朱尼lol投注网站尼奥(Lyon Juninho)董事今天证实,迪帕伊(Depay)和巴塞罗那(Barcelona)已达成协议,确实有可能在最lol比赛投注网站后一天完成交易。转让费为2500万美元以上。” “愿意离开球队,但巴塞罗那只愿意出售而不是租金。如果这lol投注网站个问题没有解决,巴塞lol投注网站罗那的整体薪水水平将成问题。”

"In contrast, Eric Garcia's situation is clearer:


ESPN's Moises said: "Barça is waiting for the last day Manchester United can bid for Dembele at the buzzer. Depay will not be able to join without Dembele."


Romero of RAC1 revealed: "


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