On September 23, Beijing time, Ighalo accepted an interview on the official website of the Manchester United club. He said that beating Luton in the League Cup can help the team boost morale and win the first league victory.


Manchester United defeated Luton 3-0 in the League Cup. Ighalo believes that this victory gave the team confidence: "The process of the game was very difficult, and we expected from the beginning that this would not be an easy game. . I am very happy that we have entered the next round, which is very important for the team."


"We didn't start very well in the league, but this victory helps us meet the weekend against Brighton and we will strive to win."


Speaking of the last round of the game against Crystal Palace, Ighalo said: "We were disappointed that we did not win the game. We only had one week of preparation time, and they seemed to have prepared for four weeks. Fortunately, we won the League Cup. , The team has regained confidence and hopes that we can win the game this weekend and make a good start for the next league."


"You can see that we are improving every day, constantly adapting to the rhythm of the game. In the next game, we will perform better."


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